A Fuzz Rock band from Cape Town, W.C.

A project of four friends, who enjoy making music together every other weekend. We were raised in the 80’s and 90’s and have focused our music around the Movies, TV shows and Toys of the time. Our influences are no different.

Since 2016 we have been jamming, writing and recording as Monstroid.

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Our debut album, Set 1, kind of happened by accident. We set out to record the first few songs we jammed together, but were so happy with the result of the combined efforts of all involved (Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen at Digital Forest, George van der Spuy at Kill City Blues, and Ross Finck at Fin Mastering), that we decided to release it. In retrospect it was probably a little rough around the edges, but we were just keen to share what we created.

The writing, recording and crafting of our second album, Set 2: Burnt Sky, was a far more intentional effort. As with Set 1, we recorded the instruments and guide vocals live at Digital Forest in Cape Town (July 2019), and proceeded to record final vocals and a few odd bits with George van der Spuy and Shaun Herholdt at Kill City Blues (December 2019). We spent those three months in between the two recording sessions mixing the instruments and finalising vocal melodies, percussion and keys. The second recording session turned out even better than we hoped, with a few special guests joining us on a few tracks.

We were planning on launching the album in May of 2020, but last year threw us (and everyone else) a huge curveball and delayed finalising the album by quite a bit. Fortunately everyone was able to take their time and really craft their individual elements, with Andrew and Ross taking us home to complete the final mixing and mastering respectively. Needless to say, we were incredibly pleased with the collaborative result. So much so, that when afforded the opportunity to submit our newest track “Shadow Beast” to FANGS Vol2 – a collection of Africa’s best underground music talent curated by Mongrel Records – we couldn’t resist the early single release.

“It’s been one hell of a journey since our last album. The world has changed in so many ways, but one thing that remained was our love for making music. We’ve always been acutely aware of and incredibly grateful for the rare privilege of making music as close friends. We hope this appreciation comes through in what we’ve created.” – Larry, bass and backing vocals

“We couldn’t be happier with the tones of the guitars, bass, and our vocals. It feels like we have taken a massive step forward. And we really have worked hard to make it perfect.” – Wayne, lead guitar and vocals“The part we are even more ecstatic about is the drum sound. We don’t believe there is a better place to record drums in South Africa than at Digital Forest. The drum sound that Andrew managed to record and mix, and Ross maintained in the mastering process, is truly staggering to us. Burnt Sky has been a labour of love, and one that we are incredibly proud of.”  – Steven, drums

“It’s easy to guess where we get the inspiration for our music. Our childhoods were filled with movies, TV shows and music from the 80’s & 90’s, which inspire many of the themes in the music and content we create. Nothing too heavy, just over easy and sunny side up. So get in your car, turn it up and head out onto the open road with us. You won’t be disappointed.” – Andrew, rhythm, backing vocals and percussion