From the blithering depths emerges a swamp-like soundscape. From the skies a flaming fireball of fuzz. This is Monstroid and it's coming for you!

Two years in the making, jamming and writing, recording and re-recording. A passion project of friends. A salute to our influences.

Featuring heavily distorted guitars, with a classic blues structure, groove laden bass, melodic vocals, hard crashing drums. This creates a bone crushing rhythm throughout the songs, leaving you wanting more.

Our sound is created on down-tuned, heavy guitars using vintage sounding amps, pedals, and vocal effects, this being the mainstay for the thick and dense sound. Our roots are traceable to the 60’s, 70’s and even some of the 80s. Most of our inspiration is drawn from modern fuzz rock, the sounds of which were pioneered by early 90’s bands like Fu Manchu, Kyuss, and later Queens of The Stone Age, Truck Fighters and The Eagles of Death Metal.

All music written and played to be enjoyed from the drivers seat. Whether you’re driving through the desert, cracking a cold one, lighting a long one or just parking at home, take a ride with Monstroid.

Wayne Hendrikz – Guitar and Lead Vocals
Larry Leyden – Bass and Backing Vocals
Andrew Pullen – Rhythm and Vocals
Steven Jacobson – Drums

Past Members:
Owen Ingarfield – 2015 – 2017 – Drums and Backing Vocals